HUGS is able to provide programs and services free of charge – to the families we serve – thanks to the support of our generous donors.


HUGS is dedicated to providing support and enhancing the quality of life for Hawaii’s seriously ill children and their families. Families are accepted to HUGS exactly where they are, at their present emotional, physical or spiritual level. Our nonjudgmental approach helps establish rapport and increases the comfort level between the families and HUGS staff. If a family has a need outside the scope of our services, we network with other agencies that can fill the gaps. HUGS serves children from birth to 21 years old who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that ranges from cancer, cardiac issues, liver and kidney ailments, to chromosomal defects. All of our services and programs are free of charge to eligible families residing in Hawaii.

Our founders recognized that families with seriously ill children are burdened with many challenges and stressors to overcome; the population as a whole is at extreme risk. These families are constantly challenged financially, spiritually, emotionally, and by a myriad of other issues related to their child’s condition. Serious illnesses can impact each individual member of the family in very significant and often different ways. For this reason, HUGS’ approach is holistic in nature.

Through an array of comprehensive, long-term support programs, HUGS helps the whole family on their journey of caring for a seriously ill child from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.